About the piece

Beaver Dam Company’s new dance creation brings together children and older ones to experience a performance built around a magical and mysterious story.

Choreographer Edouard Hue drew inspiration from Japanese tales and animated films to create the company’s new dance piece. Yumé  is a wordless narration, built around a physical and virtuoso dance, where the characters live a fabulous adventure. The heroine never stops traveling, searching for her lost shadow. During her journey, she encounters strange and fantastic characters. The adventure takes her through amazing lands. Deep in the sea or lost in the clouds, she will discover supernatural places where the laws of nature are upset.

About the company

Beaver Dam Company is a franco-swiss contemporary dance company created in 2014, directed by the choreographer Edouard Hue.  The concept of “sensitive virtuosity” best represents Edouard Hue’s choreographic approach. Pure, concise movement that flows with agile dynamism, all the while allowing palpable emotions to emerge – his signature. His relationship to space is also an element that defines him. Making the air vibrate, disturbing the space of the stage, between the performers and the audience, inviting the spectators into the collective trance.   The company, in addition to its choreographic ambitions, offers numerous workshops and training programs throughout the year. Inviting amateur and professional dancers to experience the work. In 2017 a pre-professional training program (in France and Switzerland) was born and has allowed young dancers to train before going on to join prestigious international schools.


Country: Switzerland

Category: Selected Company

Choreographer: Edouard Hue

Dancers:Louise Bille, Alfredo Gottardi, Rafaël Sauzet, Angélique Spiliopoulos, Yurié Tsugawa

Composer: Jonathan Soucasse

Costume designer: Sigoléne Pétey

Light designers:Tom Dupont, Théo Jourdainne

Wardrobe assistant: Diane Seguy

Set builder: Julien Cialdella

Administration: Sophie Ammann, Julia Bouhjar

Production: Beaver Dam Company

Co-production, residencies: Salle du Lignon – Vernier Culture, L’Auditorium Seynod – Scéne Régionale Auvergne Rhone-Alpes, L’Entre-Pont – Nice, La Manufacture – Aurillac

Residencies: Chateau-Rouge, Le Dome Theatre – Albertville, Bonlieu Scene Nationale, La Manufacture – Aurillac

With the support of Ville de Vernier, Ville d’Annecy, Loterie Romande, Fondation Stanley Thomas Johnson, DRAC Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, Association des Communes Genevoises, Fondation Fluxum, Fondation SIG, Conseil Departemental de Haute-Savoie, Republique et Canton de Geneve, Pro-Helvetia – Fondation Suisse pour la Culture, CORODIS – Commission Romande de Diffusion des Spectacles

Participation in PRISMA thanks to the support of Swiss Confederation