About the piece

“YËS”, Yanice and Sébastien: they are dancers, but also experts in whistling and beatboxing. One swallowed a dynamo battery as a child, it was impossible to stop him … the other would like to be left alone, in his corner. Their differences will unite them in an exalted duo, imbued with humor and poetry, in which hip-hop dance meets the music that nurtures them, sometimes nuggets of collective memory, sometimes unusual discoveries that transport you to other places.

About the company

Established by dancer and choreographer Fouad Boussouf in 2010, Massala Company blends styles and artistic practices as diverse as hip-hop, contemporary dance and new circus, as well as traditional dance forms and music from Boussouf’s native Morocco and the Arab World. 

Mixing different rhythms and influences, Massala’s creations are oriented towards transmitting and sharing emotions, thanks to the technical mastery and the inexhaustible expressiveness of the dance. At the heart of the artistic development of the company lies the sensual and physical relationship to our roots and our mixed cultures. 


Country: France

Category: Selected Company

Artistic direction and choreography: Fouad Boussouf 

Dramaturgy and direction of actors: Mona El Yafi 

Performers: Yanice Djae, Sébastien Vague 

Lighting: Fabrice Sarcy 

Tour Director: Mathieu Morelle 

With the support of the French Alliance