About the piece

When we reach the limits of what is possible, the impossible arises. In this piece the horizontal suspension and the live sound created through sensors merge; the living moment of «now» is explored and how attachment and detachment towards another person is perceived. This is how a movement sounds or doesn’t sound. «Tight» contains in its definition meanings such as dense, compact, narrow, tight. Sometimes when we are very close to something for a long time, that something becomes familiar and we get used to the abnormality. The space becomes any place while two bodies seek the action of the counterweight to find harmony, balance and the opposite. Matter is decontextualized, the sound environment becomes physical, and images are built without borders, without frames, without limits.

About the company

Eleonora and Anita have known each other for over 10 years, during which they have had a shared passion for aerial dance, as well as a shared view and minimalistic aesthetic, which have been present in works they have created jointly.
J. Valdivieso is an independent dancer and experimental artist who started practicing urban dances through Breaking and other genres before venturing into contemporary dance. He currently dedicates himself mostly to creating original soundtracks for performing arts pieces, approaching the process based on his experience as a dancer, and experimenting with technologies which allow him to bring movement and sound closer together.
Eleonora holds a master’s degreee in contemporary circus from DOCH in Stockholm. She is the founder of the performing group La Tribu Performance, as well as of El Cuarto Rojo dance studio. She dedicates most of her time to teaching and to creating pieces which fall between “performance” art and installation, focusing on issues such as the body in suspension and the surrounding space.
Anita sharpened her aerial dance technique in England (Gravity Circus Centre in London) and has since then taught, performed, produced and directed pieces in which she experiments with the fusion of aerial dance with diverse movement forms that range from “performance,» physical theater, and contemporary dance, to visual arts and musical compositions.


Country: Panamá

Category: Selected Company

Choreographic Direction and Performers:  Eleonora Dall`Asta and Ana María Suárez 

Sound Direction and Musical Composition: Jonathan Valdivieso 

External eye: Jonathan Valdivieso