DUO NUX – Delicious Overdose

About the piece

“Delicious overdose” is a dream, a visionary metaphor and oneiric inner journey.
She undertakes a voyage–followed and accompanied by him–under the endless rain of candy wrappers. The sweetness seems to be very sweet until it goes over the limit, becomes toxic, overwhelms and takes her vital energy. As a victim of her own temptation, she enters a liquefied mental and physical stage due to a glycemic overdose.
The only way to escape from this state is to go back to reality and reconnect her with him(her)self.

About the company

Born from an empathic and artistic connection between Alice Beatrice Carrino and Cristian Cucco.  After 11 years following the same experiences, first in the professional dance training and then as dancers with «Compagnia Susanna Beltrami», and others choreographers such as Matteo Bittante, Emanuel Gat and Abbondanza-Bertoni.

Their own creative requirement gives birth to Duo Nux: nux like walnut, made by an external and an internal, shell and seed, visible and hidden, perfect synthesis of opposite that became one; two in one.


Country: Italy

Category: Selected Company

Choreograohy and Dance: Cristian Cucco, Alice Beatrice Carrino 

A production of Dancehauspiù

With the support of the Italian Embassy in Panama.