About the piece

Two  people are waiting for something or someone in the same space. As time goes by, both express their anxiety and their tranquility through their bodies and allow themselves to be enveloped by each other. Behind the wait, there is time–which, although short, the “waiters” perceive as eternal–and despair, due to its slow passing, and both take them to the limit.

About the company

Andrea began her dance career in 2002 at the National Dance School of Panama, where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Classical Ballet in 2009. She was part of the afro-modern dance company Coraza, directed by Professor Mireya Navarro, and has been a member of CÍA. Gramo Danse on and off between 2012 and 2022. She has participated in several festivals, such as Encuentro de Danza Contemporánea (Costa Rica, 2012), FICCUA (El Salvador, 2013) and Festival de Yucatán Escénica (Mérida, México, 2014), in the latter with InterNando, directed by Omaris Mariñas. In 2015 she participated in Buenas Intenciones en 1:19 (directed by Argentinian Luis Biasotto) and presented in Mérida, Yucatán, and Panama City. As a member of CÍA. Gramo Danse, she was also a part of the production Mar del Zvr- Mito y Realidad (2015), directed by Mónica and Graciela Newsam, and of La Nacional (2016), directed by Los Innato (Costa Rica). In 2017, she participated in the Nuestros Creadores dance contest together with Sara Martin with the piece 24/7, which won the Audience Award and was part of the countryside tour organized by FEC (2018). Since 2019, Andrea has participated with CÍA. Gramo Danse in Morpho, the psyche of a city (2019) and the dance film k.IROS (morpho se fue) (both directed by Moisés García, 2021), and the works Sin Retorno (by Angélica Acuña, 2021), Al Filo (by Leo Bermúdez, 2022), and I˜tension (by Mexican Osvaldo López Méndez and Moisés García, 2023), besides her own Hrs.



5:00 PM

Albrook, Metro de Panamá

Free activity


Country: Panama

Category: Selected Company

Choreography:  Andrea González

Performers: Yilson Cabrera and Andrea González 

Costumes: Andrea González 

Music editing: Moisés García

Music: Ell3, Corridor-From “le paradis”, Ya Balad, Wolf Pack.

Composer: Bachar Mar-Khalif