CIA. NADINE GERSPACHER | Non-Upgraded Existence

About the piece

After “The Age of Aquarium” (2019) and “Let it Rain” (2020), Nadine Gerspacher brings the most audacious and astounding conclusion to her trilogy: “Non-Upgraded Existence”.  A family portrays a breathtaking search for a better future, putting the audience through the sharpest emotional shifts: from the cheerful laughs of a young daughter to the violent escalations of arguments between the progenitors. 

The family of five unleashes its deepest longings to bring its search for happiness–and humanity– through an appealing dance theater piece filled with poetry.

About the company

Cia. Nadine Gerspacher is an independent artistic project based in Freiburg. It serves as a platform for Nadine’s own works, as well as for co-productions with other artists, dance institutions, and companies.  Nadine’s central artistic language is an everyday dance theater. She creates small worlds inhabited by eccentric characters, in which the absurd, the poetic, and unfiltered physicality come together in a narrative way. Humor, grotesque moments, and vulnerability play a central role in her pieces. In its productions, the Company creates surprising images that affect the audience emotionally, and also enchant younger or inexperienced viewers. The company also organizes workshops for professional and semi-professional dancers, as well as dance and movement enthusiasts.



8:00 PM

National Theatre


Country: Germany

Category: Selected Company

Artistic Direction and choreography: Nadine Gerspacher

Assistant director: Ombline Huvelle

Performers: Hedvig Edvall Bons / Vlad Ion / Camille Lejeune / Paula Niehoff / Julien Rossin

Dramaturgy: Anna Castells

Lighting Design: Sergio Gracia

Music Composer: Josep Maria Baldomà

This project was made possible with the support of the German Embassy in Panama