COCO DANZA | Being Human Being

About the piece

It’s not about a place, it’s not about a time, it’s not about history or the future, it’s not about what you have or don’t have. Emotions, feelings, sensations, memories, nostalgia, moments, moments, moments, it’s what you are left with… in your last moments. It’s about being human. We find 6 dancers on stage who go through a series of interactions, and go around the space playing with objects, clothing, gestures, looks, and actions. During the piece they develop different relationships between them, and explore from the everyday to the abstract of behavior as humans.

About the company

COCO is a Panamanian contemporary dance company led by choreographer Marlyn

Attie. Established in 2022 under the nonprofit dance organization Fundación Espacio

Creative, which has been producing professional experiences for local artists since

2013, COCO opts for a workshop-platform model, which combines space for training,

interdisciplinary experimentation, and innovation, based on the integration of ongoing

practice, collaboration with professionals from other countries and careers, and

continued intervention in Panama’s social and cultural sector.



8:00 PM

Ateneo Theatre, Ciudad del Saber

Post-show discussion


Country: Panama

Category: Selected Company

Choreography: Yaniv Abraham / Guy Shomroni

Musical selection: Yaniv Abraham

Musical Editing: Guy Shomroni

Dancers: Marlyn Attie, Carolina Figueredo, Paulina León, Carla Mabel Lozano, Yaniv Abraham, Ida María Obediente

Production: Fundación Espacio Creativo

Lighting design: Jhon León