Colectivo 5taesencia  – Yo en mí

About the piece

In the midst of a changing and diverse world, some pursue evolution, others adaptation, and some others… stillness.

In the midst of a society full of stimuli that ultimately make up being, some seek “the reality of their being”, while others explore all possible means to avoid that “own being”.

But in the end… What is “being oneself”?

Beneath layers of roles, papers, pretexts, routines, and everyday duty, who am I? How did I get here? Because I am here?

In such a fast world, it is almost inevitable to fall into automatic execution… into routine… and it is there where it is easier to lose sight of the “self” or “being”.

Have you ever stopped to think about who YOU ​​ARE outside of what you DO?

Who are you in you?

About the company

5taesencia emerged in 2016 as a dance collective whose objective is the collaboration of dancers and choreographers with an interest in urban and contemporary dance. Our artistic proposals seek to integrate different studies of movement through continuous research and experimentation, bringing the viewer a multidisciplinary sensory experience through the fusion of genres, techniques and styles.

Currently, Colectivo 5taesencia is directed by Aleksandra Chakarova and Adrian Morales, both based in Panama City, where in addition to producing shows, they develop and extend the scope of their methodological proposal called “bY” through workshops and training programs for both dancers and non-dancers.

Since 2017 they have collaborated with the universities of UCLA, Western Michigan University, UC Irvine, and University of Wisconsin-Madison, among many others, as facilitators and choreographers of the cultural exchange platform Movement Exchange, with the aim of promoting the art of dance and cultural exchange between Panama and the United States.


Friday october 7

5:00 pm | Albrook, Metro de Panamá

Free Activity


Country: Panamá

Category: Selected Company

Interpreters: Adrian Morales / Aleksandra Chakarova

Original musical composition for the piece: Juan Cachafeiro / Louis Navas / Jonathan Valdivieso

Production: Colectivo 5taesencia