About the piece

An experiment with performance and installation elements that uses recycled objects and a structure to think of a body that modifies its shape.

Through common materials, impressive visuals emerge that illustrate the imagery within the observer, giving rise to indefinite figures.

In “Soft” we want to inquire about what moves inside and persists outside, as a way of savoring the form as it passes through the earth.

About the company

Eleonora is an aerialist, Master in Contemporary Circus from Stockholm University DOCH/UNIARTS and founding member of the Panamanian contemporary circus collective LA TRIBU Performance since 2002, as well as of the first circus space in Panama, El Cuarto Rojo. In her pieces, she works mainly with suspension, abandoned objects, and architectural or spaces within nature. Her work (individual and collective) has been presented in Latin America, Asia, and Europe, where she collaborates with the Finnish company ILMATILA.



 7:00 PM

La Manzana

Advance reservation required through Eventbrite


Country: Italy / Panama

Category: Selected Company

Direction and performance: Eleonora Dall`Asta

Sound design: Hara Alonso