About the piece

In “Birdy”, LAI explores the intricate dynamics of freedom and oppression, delving into the connection between societal context and communities in Taiwan: How the seemingly trivial events, such as emotions, social interactions, or the lingering effects of history, consciously or subconsciously permeate society with fear, conflicts, or equilibrium.

By dancers portraying the image of a cage and a dreamer, LAI skillfully stretches the boundaries between an individual’s innermost feelings, the dynamics of relationships, and the broader context of individuals within society, culture, or the world we inhabit. 

LAI skillfully incorporates a symbolic element in this piece: “Ling Zi,” traditionally worn as headgear in Traditional Chinese opera. Its long pheasant tail feathers represent the power of warriors, and resemble the extension of the human spine. This imagery portrays the essence of a bird, a cage and dreams, and a delicate balance of life. The element enriches the performance, creating a profound exploration of freedom, power, and resilience.

About the company

Hung Dance is a contemporary dance company from Taiwan.  Founded on 2017, the artistic director and choreographer LAI Hung-chung named the Company after the word “hung(翃)” in the aspiration to fly–just as its meaning suggests.  The Company develops its three core focuses: annual productions, international collaborations, and international tours.  It also holds the Stray Birds Dance Platform annually, not only to encourage young choreographers to create, but also to draw them towards international resources.

Currently, at the core of their annual productions are the works of Artistic Director, LAI Hung-chung.  In his dance piece lies the responses to the innermost depths of humans as well as land, the world and every moment, instilling internal emotions and physical states into dance movement. He is perceptive to the subtle relationship between people and nature.  By stretching Tai Chi elements, he integrates contemporary thinking to cultivate a new dance vocabulary and further develops a unique training system.



8:00 PM

National Theatre


Country: Taiwan

Category: Selected Company

Artistic Director & Choreographer: LAI Hung-chung

Dancers: CHENG I-han, LEE Kuan-ling

Lighting Design: TSAI Chao-Yu 

Composer: Hsu Chia-wei