JO STRØMGREN KOMPANI  | The Ministry of Unresolved Feelings

About the piece

The Ministry of Unresolved Feelings has scarce resources but an important mission. The caseworkers are responsible for solving problems that no other agency can remedy. The paper stacks in the incoming tray grow ever higher, but a surprisingly high number of applicants have their cases reviewed.


About the company

JO STRØMGREN KOMPANI (JSK) was founded in 1998 and from its base in Norway it has grown to become one of the most successful independent groups in Scandinavia.

The company has toured more than 60 countries so far, and around 150 performances take place annually, both in large national theatres and small alternative venues all over the world. JSK’s home stage in Oslo is the Norwegian Opera House, where Jo Strømgren is Choreographer in Residence

Their style is characterized by a peculiar mix of dance and theatre, with a distinct and often very physical humor combined with darker, political undertones. Another trademark is the extensive use of nonsensical language, and, in recent years, a playful use of voiceover. 



2:00 PM

National Theatre

Free activity for youth from non-profit foundations.

8:00 PM

National Theatre


Country: Norway

Category: Guest Company

Choreography, text, set design, light design, sound design: Jo Strømgren
Costume design: Bregje van Balen
Dancers: Henriette Hamli / Jakub Mędrzycki / Nora Svendsgård / Mikael Rønne/ Angela Iannes Bryulant  
Music: Nina Simone/  Pjotr Tsjajkovskij / Anton Karas / Francisco Tarrega / Gaston Ouvrard / Domenico Scarlatti / Haukur Morthens / Janusz Gniatkowski/  Sepultura/ Georges Bizet /  Lill Lindfors / Camille Saint-Saëns
Photos: Tilo Stengel
Co-production: GöteborgsOperans Danskompani