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About the company

Argentine dancer, choreographer, teacher, and performer Juan Jesús Guiraldi was born in Buenos Aires in 1988, and graduated in Choreographic Composition, Dance, Folk Dance and Tango at the National University of Art in Buenos Aires. He is artistic director at “Movimiento Constante”, a research platform on body movement, and at the “EME” (Specialization, Movement, Experimentation) Graduate School of Buenos Aires. Besides being founder of UNA CONSTANT Dance Company, Jesús is Director and promoter of FESTIVAL CONSTANTE, which has been held in Buenos Aires since 2014, bringing together artists from all over the world every year. Continuously dedicated to the investigation of new body languages, he has taught workshops together with David Zambrano, Laura Aris, Peter Jasko, Thomas Hauert, Erica Sobol, Andrés Labarca, Rakesh Sukesh, Shay Faran, Marko Fonseca and Raúl Martinez (Los Innato Company), Edgardo Mercado, Roxana Grinstein, Carlos Casella, Leticia Miramontes, Analía González, Luis Baldasarre, Gerardo Litvak, Gabriel Contreras, Carlos Trunsky, Manuel Vallejos and Alejandra Libertella. His “Constant Movement” workshops are known in Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, South Africa, Spain, France, England, Ireland, Austria, Russia, and Israel.



4:00 PM

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Country: Argentina / Panama

Category: Selected Company

Direction, choreography: Juan Jesús Guiraldi 

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