About the piece

I go to the forest. I will lose my head, to find my being.

Listening is probably the most treacherous of all our faculties. While the set of things that we can see and touch appear to us as a certainty, or as something present on which we configure our reality, sound is something ephemeral, transitory, a memory of something distant. Going into a forest is facing this uncertainty, conversing with a series of sounds that disturb us due to our ignorance of the origin of their source.

About the company

Marcat Dance is the artistic home of Mario Bermúdez Gil, the multi-award-winning Spanish choreographer, and the American dancer Catherine Coury, co-founder of the Company. Its base is located in the rural environment of Vilches, in Jaén, Spain, where the company is dedicated to working on each creation based on creativity and movement, without forgetting another fundamental pillar: the training they provide all over the world. Marcat Dance believes in the power of the imagination, in betting on creativity, and in the continuous investigation of the dynamics of the body. The group connects with the human spirit and finds inspiration in different cultures, rituals, and landscapes of the world.

Since it was founded in 2016, the company has performed internationally, touring the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and America, participating in festivals such as Madrid en Danza, Anfitrión, and Itálica (Spain), Jacob’s Pillow (USA), Vanguard Body (China), Yokohama Collection (Japan) and La Licorera de Cali Choreography Center (Colombia), among others. Its multiple shows have been recognized with awards such as ¨Best Show of the Year¨ (Lorca Awards 2023 and 2022, PAD Awards 2021 and 2020), ¨Best Original Music¨ (PAD Awards 2020), ¨Best Male and Female Performance¨ (Lorca Awards 2023 and 2022, PAD Awards 2021), ¨Best Choreography¨ (Seville Stage Awards 2019) and finalist in 3 categories of the MAX Awards (2023 and 2020. Likewise, they have received the First Prize in Choreography in four international choreographic competitions (2016- 2019). In addition to his creations with Marcat Dance, Mario Bermúdez Gil has been guest choreographer in other relevant international companies such as National Dance Company of Spain, Scapino Ballet of Rotterdam, Hung Dance of Taiwan, Nuovo Balletto of Tuscany and National Company of Wales. Since 2020 they have promoted the creation of Vildanza Festival, and assumed the artistic direction of this platform that is activated every summer in Vilches (Jaén), where they offer international contemporary dance shows.



8:00 PM

Teatro Ateneo, Ciudad del Saber

Post-show discussion


Country: Spain

Category: Selected Company

Direction and choreography: Mario Bermúdez

Dancers Catherine Coury / Marilisa Gallicchio / Mario Bermúdez

Original music: Jose Pablo Polo

Lighting Design: Mamen B. Gil

Production: Marcat Dance S.L.

Distribution and management: Danzas del Mundo

This project has been made possible with the support of Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)