Sara Martin Hernández  – La Silla

About the piece

Dance piece of physical theater and contemporary dance in which the relationship between body and object is investigated, a distance which is becoming closer thanks to technological advances and virtuality, developing an attachment, almost dependent on that piece of furniture. Using the chair as a particular object that evolves, and has a direct impact on the body of its user. Observing carefully that there are more and more activities that can be done from that position. Also prolonging its time of use and modifying its designs and accessories for greater comfort. Its direct influence on the body and changes that it generates in our habits. Maintaining the original action of sitting to create a relationship between body and object that evolve simultaneously. Immersing ourselves in the search for balances and breaths within that attachment generated over time.

About the company

Stage performer, independent creator.

Her training in dramatic arts or drama added to her interest in dance and movement, and led her to meet and work with people from different disciplines, entering fields such as street theater, aerial circus techniques, contemporary dance, physical theater and theater dance. She finishes her studies and starts in the professional world in the Canary Islands / Spain, moving to Panama in 2015.

Throughout her career, she has worked with companies and choreographers such as cia. Vértice, Tenerife Danza Lab, Los Innato, Anna Konjetzky, Omar Carrum, La Intrusa, CÍA. Gramo Danse, La Tribu Performance, and Marlyn Attie, among others. She has shown her work at international festivals such as Mueca, Prisma, Nómada, FAE, Canaria’s inside and outside, Danzattak.  She currently continues to work on new personal projects.


Sunday october 9

4:30 pm | Patio Central, Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores

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Country: Panamá

Category: Selected Company

Interpreter: Sara Martin Hernández

Photography: Ricardo Canino

Music: Skipp Whitman / Yehezel Raz / Omayra Portuondo