Sharon Fridman  / FEC  – Creation residency

About the residency

Co-production between Sharon Fridman and Fundación Espacio Creativo, winner of the Iberescena Fund, which will be created especially to premiere at the Prisma Festival. The choreographer held an audition in January to choose the Panamanian cast, with whom he will be working for the 5 weeks prior to the festival.


Monday october 10

8:00 pm | Teatro Nacional

Tickets for sale


Country: Spain /Panama

Category: Co Production / PrismaLab Professional

Choreography : Sharon Fridman

Creation assistance: Arthur Bernard-Bazin

Interpretation: Moisés García / Paulina Hernández / Carla Lozano / Joameth Manzané / Nelly Mosquera / Ida Obediente/ Carolina Figueiredo/ Leonardo Bermúdez

Production: Fundacion Espacio Creativo

“This project has been supported by Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), IBERESCENA and Fundacion Espacio Creativo”