Stephanie Lee  – Cartografía del olvido

About the piece

Those of us who were are not the ones who are here today. Who and who are we? Are we really what we want to be or what they told us we were?

Those that are breeze, ether and silence. Muffled screams in a dark room.

How do you deal with memory loss? Where the path to oblivion begins, that first step into the jungle that devours everything.

How do I manifest something so strong but that I don’t even remember and re-imagine it?

A blurred memory, like a perfume that is lost on me, fragile and I struggle to follow its trail. It’s like trying to remember the face of someone I saw in a dream. I have the generals but not the details and the more I struggle the more I lose myself in the general. How do you look for something that feels close and you don’t have?

 As I do not forget those who are no longer a body, those who forgot their names, those who were swallowed by the earth and transformed into a murmur that tells me of a time that I have not lived, but I remember.

About the company

She began her dance studies at the National School of Dance, later at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Panama and finally at the Alicia Alonso Institute of Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid-Spain. Professionally, she has danced under the direction of different groups and choreographers at a national and international level, such as: Cia. Gramo Danse, Cia. Wa.táa under the direction of Omaris Mariñas, Marlyn Attie, Omar Carrum, Fernando Hurtado, Martha Bosch, Colectivo PAtacon, among others. She has participated in important dance festivals in Mexico, Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica and Chile. She is an affiliated artist of the Network of Artists and Creators of Fundación Espacio Creativo (FEC) and Red Libers Arts. She is the winner of the national choreography contest “Nuestros Creadores” (2014) with the work Des-calza and the creation fund IBERESCENA (2020) with the work La Casa. She currently collaborates with different artists on multidisciplinary projects and runs her own dance studio Arte Ballet Studio.


Saturday october 8

4:30 pm | Bio Museo

Free Activity


Country: Panamá

Category: Selected Company

Direction: Carlos Quiros

Choreography: Stephanie Lee

Cast: Milko Delgado / Stephanie Lee

Musical Composition: La Vaina Ambiental

Musicians: Jason Berger – Carlos Quiros

Audiovisual design: Hernán Polanco – Cine Animal