IRON SKULLS CO – Sinestesia

About the piece

From sin-1 and gr. αἴσθησις aísthēsis ‘sensation’. 

  • f. Biol. Secondary or associated sensation that occurs in one part of the body as a result of a stimulus applied to another part of the body.

“Sinestesia” represents a post-apocalyptic world where, through experimental dance, a group of survivors is formed and this begins a journey to a safe area. Hip hop, acrobatics and contemporary dance merge to create a language where human and animal come together, inviting the viewer to a game of sensory interference.

About the company

Dance collective based in Barcelona, has its beginnings in the Bboying (breakdance) group known as Iron Skulls Crew, formed in 2005. Professionally formalized in 2013, it is made up of dancers from various areas of Spain and is known for its peculiar style, attracting diverse disciplines and continually trying to investigate the limits of movement. The members of the company also come from various backgrounds, among which breakdancing, hip-hop, contemporary dance and acrobatics stand out, including influences from various disciplines such as martial arts, music production, design, music, and fashion. This mix of influences provides the group with a distinctive style, and its passion for the fusion of elements external to dance guides it towards new paradigms where increasingly ambitious productions are generated in the world of the performing arts.


Country: Spain

Category: Selected Company

Choreography and Interpreters:Moisés Moe, Diego Garrido, Adrián Vega, Luis A. Muñoz, Ugo Boulard and Pablo Damián.

Tech: Willy Barleycorn 

With the support of  AECID, Cultural Center of Spain in Panama, Iberia, Inaem, Instituto Ramon Llul y Generalitat de Catalunya and  Riu Hotel