About the piece

“Gizaki” is a piece created during the confinement of COVID-19 and influenced by it. 

Have you had time? Time to find yourself? Without losing you again? Inside you? The piece reminds us of the helplessness of being alone, the absence of company, and the sinking of the soul in its encounter with loneliness.

About the company

Lali Ayguadé was born in Barcelona in 1980. She joined the Liceu Conservatory in Barcelona, the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona for dance in 1996 and, after a year, decided to train in PARTS (Belgium). In her fourth year, she created the solo “Silence”, coached by Wim Vandekeybus.

After her training, she joined Publik Eye Company in Denmark, directed at that time by Carmen Mehnert. In 2003, Lali joined the Akram Khan Company as a full time member.

She has worked with Roberto Olivan (Enclave Dance Company) in the production “Homeland” and with Hofesh Shechter in the productions “In your rooms”, “Cult” and “The Art of not looking back”. She also worked with Marcos Morau from La Veronal (Spanish Dance National Award in 2013 as Best Choreographer) in the piece “Portland” and with the contemporary circus company Baró d’Evel, with whom she performed “Mazut” and “Besties”.

In 2010, she was nominated as «Outstanding Dancer» by the London Critics Awards, and in 2014 as «Best Creator». In 2016, she was also nominated as “Best Dancer” at the “” Critics Awards in Barcelona. 

Akira Yoshida started doing breakdance informally. Eventually, he went on to compete, winning over 60 awards in Spain, France and Austria. At 23, Akira began transitioning to contemporary dance. He performed  the duet “Azala” for the Jordi Vilaseca Company. After receiving a full scholarship (Beca Artística Principal) in Navarra, he pursued his artistic studies at SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance). He has worked with Hungry Sharks, Francisco Córdova Physical Momentum, and Roberto Oliván Performing Arts, and created “Ahotsak” with Ziomara Hormaetxe. He also created his own solo “Home”, as well as the duo “The Inglorious Fortune of Being a Performer”. He is currently working with Laly Ayguadé on the creation of “Gizaki”, on the ambitious production of “Hidden”, and with Chey Jurado in the creation of the duet “Hito”.  Akira combines his performances with dance workshops, which take him around the world. 


Country: Spain

Category: Guest Company

Direction and choreography: Lali Ayguadé and Akira Yoshida 

Interpreters: Lali Ayguadé and Akira Yoshida 

Music: Fanny Thollot – Processio; Marc Ribbot – shsh shsh; Jozef Van Wissem – In templum dei y The evpatoria report – Taijin kyofusho

Light design: Conchita Pons

Costume design: Ferrán Casanova

Supported by: L’OBRADOR Espacio de Creación y Nunart Guinardó